I'm curious how this will go over. Last fall, I was scribbling away one afternoon in a meeting, and found I was writing pwoermds that seemed to like each other, which then developed into lines or linked thoughts, and started carrying on as if they had a will of their own. It's the closest I've come to "automatic writing" or being visited by the Martians that Jack Spicer liked to entertain. The first one I wrote is called "Cleo's Green Again." But for today, I'd like to show one from mid-March. It started with a handful of words that served as "notes," both in the sense of written words intended to trigger images or other ideas and, if I can say this without sounding pretentious, in the sense of musical notes--a scale or a chord progression. Below the piece are some additional notes (in some cases I merely needed to be able to remember how to spell a source word that was turning into a pwoermd) and ideas that came up while I was working on the linked pwoermds. I include it all here:

wet &
down feathers
white rings

Migration:Small Beings

. . . sumn : aetheir’s breaethze mupdpled skypoolloopyks’ terrascent stwink :
wordown fluffthers & offen fleeding flaetheirward flecflicflocks theeairh skries
melodíaves : o’theyeso’ droawn altoo azblure cielosee whreight whrings whrings whreight whreight whrings whrings whreight  –  speepspecksing skyawhorled . . .




cielo : cielosee

of being is a bird Emily Dickinson (653)

“a burdock clawed my gown”

antecedents : accidents : insects   inseccidents / inseccedents


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