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andonegainces withleithe ‘nrude flingers
flhexed sheoil floil flwakxen
phloxen erectopistil swheeat loveander
nicghts mantiptulate hisrection emotumscrothiymns
heruption allso s/heared femhimtimeately
orgchardasmic harmonicghties : sprekesheen oftlenzo’o
aftflowerds ocanthis hornemaneye undherprehend
hersolongsong hermooanflrost reedpole plurched
supon herxanthium herarts belohden
partsoul dwaormning burrdsoul goldsen


This piece is comprised entirely of pwoermds, which might negate the pwoermd-ness, the pwoermd-ity of the individual pwoermds. But these pwoermds seemed to have minds, or a mind, of their own once I started scribbling them down one afternoon during a meeting. This is as close as I've come to an experience of automatic writing or being visited by the Martians Jack Spicer liked to talk about. I don't know where the title came from, though it came first, and the rest of the pwoermds pretty much followed in order. Who knows? I've written a few pieces in this style, which I posted earlier this month, but this is the only one that I can say occurred on its own, uncontrived and unexpected. 


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