Kent, Ohio has many black ones. Occasionally a white one. Sometimes, but very rarely, I see a black eastern gray squirrel in southern Ohio, most recently in a front yard down the street from Lindenwald Elementary in Hamilton. Last week, I saw a lovely reddish-hued eastern gray squirrel in the neighborhood. They vary a bit in color, but usually they are standard issue gray. I don't like seeing them dead on the road, but it happens. A co-worker said in conversation last week while we were eating lunch, watching squirrels run around outside the bus, and discussing where among the animal section we could place squirrel books so that children can find them easier, that "squirrels are loser monkeys." Maybe we could put them near the primates, but not so close to the tigers, cats, and bears? During the school year on the bookmobile, we have so many books and kids coming on and off the bus that the Dewey decimal system goes to heck, so we shelve in rough Dewey order, but with an emphasis on subject area. That's why we take some liberties with the animal section.


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