This is dipping the proverbial bucket once again into the imaginary well in an attempt to catch a real Leopard Frog. Waiting at the stop light at Grand Blvd., and Ohio 4 today, the gas station LOTTERY sign had transformed once again. I hope it doesn't seem that I'm picking on this place. They are catty corner to a continuously busy Kroger gas station. I'm not even sure the pumps operate anymore. There are a couple places I know of that quit selling gas a few years back when regulations changed and it became too expensive for some independent stations to buy new equipment to store and pump gas. Some of these survived as convenience stores. I haven't been inside this one, but it seems to get a lot of pedestrian traffic from people who live near by. It's much safer to walk here than to risk one's life crossing Route 4 to reach Kroger.

Found on southwest corner at intersection of Grand Boulevard and Ohio Route 4 (South Erie Avenue), April 7, 2015.


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