This is what an innocent thought about spring and frog procreation gets you: a death metal band, possibly from Poland, called "Nomad"--not to be confused with an Australian world music outfit, of decidedly more optimistic bent, nor assorted death/black/brutal death/death thrash/stoner sludge doom metal bands from the US, Hungary, the Netherlands, and England. They (the Polish band?) recorded a song called "The Branch of Cool Frogeny," and it appears on their album Demonic Verses, which is subtly subtitled "Blessed are those that kill Jesus." I found "The Branch of Cool Frogeny" on YouTube, and I seemed to be the first or second person to listen to the song. I'll let you look it up for yourself. They're not my cup of tea. Or my cup of blood, or whatever one sips while listening to death metal. And after listening to the song, I have no idea how they are using frogeny, but I'm pretty sure it's not the way I'm using it.

When I'm trying out pwoermds, I like to run them through google to see if they already exist in some form. I'm curious how words appear and I'm always up for expanding my vocabulary. "Frogeny" leaped out to me (pun intended) when I saw the title of a James Broughton film Erogeny while watching the documentary Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton. In spring, it's common to find large masses of frog eggs along creeks or in muddy puddles, on the edges of ponds, etc. And it's also common to see frogs chasing each other around, mounting each other, having sex, then doing it again. That's how they create their progeny. And they're good at it, unless they've been chemically poisoned and produce (hopefully) sterile, but obviously mutated horrors

The google search for "frogeny" produced a note that reads "Did you mean progeny, orogeny, erogeny, froggy?" I'm happy that the search brought things back around to frogs. Or should that read "I'm happy that the search Broughton things back around to frogs," since froggy followed erogeny, and erogeny links to the Broughton film?


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