January 1, 2012. Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Miami-Whitewater Wetlands. Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. Annual New Year's Day outing with Charlie S., Steve P., and Bob L. Day began partly cloudy and cool, but forecast called for wind and rain. While the air was calm on the ground, there were large gray cloud masses moving swiftly through patches of harsh morning light and sun. For a few minutes, we were in the sun, but the wind in the upper atmosphere was so strong that it was pouring rain from a large cloud that was some distance--a few miles?--from us. Eventually, it clouded over completely and around 9:30 a.m. it was as if a switch had been turned on and the wind began gusting upwards of 30+ mph. Few birds come out in those conditions. Before the gales, an immature Northern Harrier flew by. Coots and many Green-winged Teal and a few Black Ducks on the large pond. Occasional flocks of teal dropping in during our brief loop walk. A Swamp Sparrow in the cattails by the small pond at the Baughman Road parking lot. Much new development springing up on Baughman Road. I hadn't been out here in a few years, and was startled, but not surprised, to see all the new homes. Winds drove us out by 10.