A baseball pwoermd

I was able to watch a couple Cleveland Indians baseball games on t.v. while we were in Columbus for a soccer tournament this weekend. Cleveland is playing in Seattle, and the games didn't start up until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. One of Cleveland's better hitters is Travis Hafner, who is nicknamed "Pronk." A former teammate, Bill Selby, gave him the nickname in 2001 because people were alternately referring to Hafner as "The Project" and "Donkey" for his base running. Is "pronk" acceptable as a pwoermd? I vote "yes."

Pronk hit a two-run homer Friday during during the Tribe's ten-run fourth inning shelling of the Mariners. The rest of the damage that inning was done by six or seven consecutive singles, a sac fly, and a double.