Failure is always an option

That's a slogan on a t-shirt that Adam Savage, one of the hosts of Mythbusters wears on occasion. While typing the first sentence in this post I misspelled "wears." Shouting "fail!" when someone makes a mistake or slips up is also a popular expression with the pre-teen "tweener" crowd these days.

I dipped into the dusty well of the QRs for the last time after finally getting the QR format down. The pieces I came up with are lame, but there was a surprise at the end. Here's the first:

"gull/gray." January 19, 2011.

You can also spell "ugly rag" (or "uglly rag," maybe "ugly ragl"?) with the letters in "gull/gray."

Next up:

"ellipses." January 19, 2011.

I was looking for an exit strategy when an infuriated g came along and took matters into its own hands.

"Infuriated g gathers the QR code into its semicolon sack."
January 19, 2011.

g cleaned up all the existing QR code pieces and left only this shell behind, void of any obvious meaning; nothing, not a bit of useful data, remains. It's all in the semicolon bag, and who knows what it means now or how it could be interpreted, parsed, decoded, described, detained, destroyed or decried. g's piece is the best one of the bunch. I wish I'd thought of it myself.

"emptiness." by g.
January 20, 2011.

g seems a little bit pretentious, but who am I to judge?