"& So?" (Is that all there is?)

"& So?" (Is that all there is?)
Photo collage. December 2009/November 2010.
Collaboration with earthworms, starlings, crab apples, and hackberries on prepared asphalt driveway.

In fall, 2008, I used a squeegee to paint the background with a mix of water-based emulsions, clay fillers, latex polymers, and bitumen. The piece cured for over a year until it reached Munsell N7. Then, and only then, was it ready.

"& So?" is a very large piece--roughly 100 feet by 15 feet in its entirety--and is laid out on a precarious, sloping surface, which is very difficult to work on when it's wet or covered with substances with inherently low viscosity such as ice or snow. It took over two years to create.

Asphalt is an interesting medium to work upon, but most serious artists have nothing but contempt for it. Training the birds and earthworms took more time than I care to admit.


  1. Haha...this puts collaborative art at a new level!


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