It's National Captain Samuel Brady Month! This month! That is, October!

It's October, and that means it's National Captain Samuel Brady Month. Here begins a multi-part graphic biography of Brady, who was born of humble origins on the Pennsylvania frontier in Cumberland County on May 5, 1756. He served in the Revolutionary War and afterwards led a fabled group of Rangers who patrolled the Western Frontier at the time that the Western Frontier started at about Pittsburgh. He was Daniel Day-Lewis frontier chic before anyone knew it. He was tougher than Fess Parker, and probably did "kill a 'bar when was only three," and with his bare hands, too! He led an amazing life filled with mind-boggling adventure and hair-raising escapes. To reference Mr. Day-Lewis twice in the same paragraph, as we follow Capt. Brady's story there will be blood. And lots of it . . . But not yet.