The following should serve to clarify a number of items that have appeared on these pages over the past year.

Corrections and amputations:

Most of the modern city is temporary and will be redone over time

Court backs owl project

You can flight city hall

Six stores above queens

Moth lab discovered in garage

Man struck by blightening

Ugly spider web mars pleasant meadow

Have you ever heard the window sill, calling in the night?

Nocturnal migrations

Crepuscular emissions

Avuncular vocations

Wholly rosaries

My other bimbo is a limo

My limo moped

Sightly gash left on victim’s temple

Two weeks of lovely weather in Bangladesh

In case of rapture this car will be unwomyned

Spring truly pleasant in Baghdad

Neanderthals wanted for new trans-Caucasus mail routes

Suicide bomber leaves gash in temple, scores of victims

A scissor-tailed flycatcher is a beautiful bird of open grasslands dotted with trees

Shrubs and occasional fences, which are all convenient perches

She doth plucketh the harp o’er dewy fields to inviteth me to swing mine net there

Look for it atop the barbed-wire fence or the dead Osage Orange

God Made The World For You!

Tea Party applauds higher teacher salaries

But not you or you or you or him

Residents happy for increase in gun crimes

And definitely not her . . .

Massive coffee spill threatens lunch

Pols stir the pot of resentment

Pols freeze the leftover casserole of contentment

Do not fear the guard is here

Robin builds nest in silly location

My barista can beat up your sommelier

Female mail carrier is ‘pretty pretty,’ observes local man

Trees obscuring view of forest, claims state agency in charge of casino project

Raccoon struck by car ‘stupid’ to have crossed road in first place

Thai anti-government protesters ‘tie one on’: twelve killed

Tree kills drunk driver

I said shoot; I didn't say shoot

The Knights of Columbus like to wear funny hats and carry swords

They protect Mary from Catholics and Irish

You think that is a secret, but it never has been one

Minor birds; major fleas

Moa more than never

Man on mower screams for guns

What is the enharmonic equivalent to a liver at flood stage?

A Great-tailed Grackle drinking coffee

Is it racist to say that all of North Korea’s leaders look like Elvis impersonators?

The King and the King of Kings shaking hands in a black velvet painting