Stoneflies and Chironomid Midges

While birding along the Great Miami River in Hamilton on Saturday morning I found a number of stoneflies and Chironomid midges that must have hatched out Friday when it warmed up. The weekend temperatures were fairly warm, so I assume the hatch continued and continues.

Here are two stoneflies:

The top stonefly is roughly 10mm in length, not counting the antennae. The bottom stonefly is about 5mm in length, not counting antennae or tails.

There were also a lot of Chironomid midges. Here are two, each 2 or 3mm in length, which are possibly (probably?) the same species. A male, with his "feathery" plumed antennae:
And a likely female:
I hope to key out the stoneflies properly in the next few days and send them on to someone who knows more about them. The Ohio Biological Survey used to have a collecting program for winter stoneflies. Perhaps they still do. Here's a link to an article about Ohio River Plecoptera that has some information about winter stoneflies.