BB King

BB King used to have a column in Guitar Player magazine sometime around the early '80s. I enjoyed reading that magazine and King's articles quite a bit. I stumbled upon a really good article about King that appeared in the Telegraph in the UK last spring while I was doing a little research on black velvet Elvis paintings. I've heard about a painting depicting Elvis shaking hands with Jesus--"The King shaking hands with the King of Kings," and I wanted to see one for myself. There's the famous Elvis shaking hands with Nixon photo, of course, but I couldn't find anything depicting Elvis and Jesus. Perhaps even kitsch and bad taste have their limits? The idiosyncratic nature of Google searching delivered up a gem of an article about BB King, and thankfully ended my research on black velvet Elvis art. There are some sad parts in the article, but it seems candid--to the point of bluntness--revealing without being tawdry, and generally optimistic and truthful. There's a little bit of commentary on American history, as well. The article covers just about every topic under the sun, in fact.