A flock of crows

This is a companion piece to last Tuesday's.


  1. Hey Mike... Isn't a flock of crows referred to as a "murder of crows?"


    PS-you forgot to leave the cognac and roses at Poe's grave this year.

  2. ...cool-looking crows (Joe Crows)--like the narration as well (and how it fit's with last Tuesday's red dish).

  3. Thanks for the comments. I hadn't heard about the Poe story. It was a lovely mystery, I guess, while it lasted. I read last weekend that a Cincinnati-based auction house run by Wes Cowen, I think is his name, of PBS's Antiques Roadshow and History Detectives fame, has a small painting of Poe that they believe to show him as a young man, sitting at a writing table, pen in hand. They think sat for the portrait when he was in his early 20s or so. If you have an extra $600,000, it could be yours!


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