riverside (november)

The original fits on one side of an 8.5 x 11 sheet folded "accordian" style, such that the poem opens two or three sections at a time, and the different pieces echo or play off of each other--at least that was the intention. The distant (t)rain rolls through both halves of the poem when one is reading the paper copy. It loses something in the presentation here, though it might gain something else with the bleed-through from the cover of the National Geographic magazine used to hold the piece flat while it was being scanned. Come to think of it now, a year later . . . the lat-long coordinates at the end might be a bad move; someone might think Angelina Jolie found one of her children at the site.


  1. ...this is really cool. One of these days, when I sit still in the woods, I'm going to try to let my brain play with words and creatively record my surroundings like you've done. I like the progression... I think about poems, but I've never tried to write them down...


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